Why Isn’t the Church Talking About Healthcare?

So I am going to jump in and ask the question that I have not heard asked yet.  Maybe it has been asked and I just have not come across the right blog, article, tweet, Facebook post or friend feed.  The question is “Why isn’t the Church talking about healthcare?”  It’s a topic that continues to dominate every news media outlet, TV show, and even gets ribbed about on the shows that make the after prime time circuit.  It seems everyone is talking about it…except the church.

In Jesus’ day Jesus addressed all the pressing concerns of the people: hunger, injustice, political terrorism, sexual misconduct and wrongdoing…He didn’t pull any punches.  In every case, every concern, He informed the people of God’s perspective and laid out a Godly course of action.  The entire Sermon on the Mount is just that…Jesus addressing concerns and laying out Godly perspectives and courses of action.  Paul did the same thing.  In Paul’s letters to the churches in the 1st Century Paul addressed many of the concerns raised by the people.  The reason he jumps from topic to topic in his letters in the Bible (Romans, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, etc…)is because he is addressing concern after concern:  government abuse, marital infidelity, religious apathy, and sexual and moral misconduct…on and on.

So what is the pressing concern of the day in North America?  Yes, jobs and the economy; yes, political chaos; yes religious apathy, and sexual and moral misconduct (we really haven’t changed all that much it seems).  But one big concern that seems to not be addressed by the Church…is the situation, or debate as it has been called, on healthcare.   So I urge every person to go back and to pray about it and to ask your pastor… “what is God’s view on the healthcare situation?” Don’t ask your pastor to tell you who is right and who is wrong.  Instead, ask them to help you understand what is God’s view on providing medical care and attention to people and what is God’s view on how it should be done? In some cases, your pastor may not have an answer.  It is ok if they don’t.  After all, you are seeking God’s view and not your pastor’s.  This just means you both now have something to pray about.

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