Vampire Diaries Snapshot

At CrossRoads Community Church we’ve spent the last few weeks digging into the world of vampires, no pun intended.  Obviously some are going to ask why would a local church talk about vampires at a Sunday Celebration.  My answer, why not?  Vampires and all things supernatural are all the rage which indicates that people have a desire to know about and to explore spiritual things.  Although  they are not real, they have a special draw in our culture.  They epitomize a desire to know and explore the supernatural and all things spiritual.  So here is a snapshot of some of the things we discussed.  For more detail check out our website for the full messages:

God is a spirit; He is an actual being who exists without physical matter.  Just as God is a spirit, there are other spiritual beings that exist.  Some of the spiritual beings that exist are focused on deceiving us and leading us away from anything to do with God.

God established a blood covenant with the people of Israel.  That blood covenant transcends generations and cultures.  In the 1st century church, the typical communion dinner, a reflection of that covenant, led people to believe that Christians were cannibals.  Since many Christians in the 1st century were fleeing persecution they often met in crypts at night and were often seen coming out of crypts in the early morning hours of first light.

Despite the chart shown here (which reflects some similarities between Christians and supernatural beings) I’m not saying that Christians were thought to be vampires.  The whole vampire phenomena originated when Bram Stokers book Dracula became public domain territory allowing other authors, movie makers, game developers and the like to expand on the Dracula persona.  However, our culture has a habit of taking a little bit of truth, mixing in lots of myth and legend and coming up with false religions, cults, or even political parties to follow.

But it is God’s desire that His followers know the truth.  He reveals the truth, physical and spiritual, through His Holy Spirit and through His divine Word.  We are filled with God’s Spirit as an example of His desire to reveal truth to us.  We are also endowed with supernatural or spiritual gifts through God’s spirit.  It is God’s spirit that makes us alive in Christ and dead to the sin, the transgressions, and the guilt and inequity compiled from our wrongdoings.  In Christ, we are no longer spiritually dead but spiritually alive filled with the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead.

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