I Got the Power

Now that my electrical power is restored I can blog about this short experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I realize there are people in worse situations than my few days of limited power and heat but that doesn’t mean I cannot learn from what I went through.

1.  No matter how much snow the weather people are reporting, prepare for the worse.  Ensure you charge everything: cell phones, batteries, iPods and games (you may need the entertainment).

2.  Do as much laundry as possible before the snow hits.  It is pretty painful to lose power, not be able to do laundry, and be down to your last pair of socks and batman undies.
3.  Stock up on comic books.  Nothing better to read by candlelight than your favorite book you keep putting off returning to the library; or in my case, the DC Universe Final Conflict Series

4.  Pray – Believe it or not, I was so uncomfortable and cold that I didn’t feel like taking time for my daily reading or to prayer time.  Eventually I figured out that this was the best time to pray.  When you and thousands of people in your immediate community are without power in a snow storm, it might be the best time to get in some one on one with the Almighty.  Not saying that should be the only time you talk to God…but it is definitely a good time.

5.  Don’t forsake the family time.  Lots of children and teens will be bored without power, school, and easy access to other teens.  You know who makes a great boredom reliever?  You do!  Spend some time with the family, tell some jokes, have some laughs, recall some extremely embarrassing moments about your teens and threaten to post it in their Facebook.
6.  Clear roofs and overhangs of built up snow whenever safely possible.  Two days into the snow storm we ventured out and saw businesses and homes with collapsed porch roofs and overhangs.  The snow may be light but once it turns to ice it has some serious weight.
7.  Keep a shovel and spare clothes handy.  We began carrying a spare shovel, spare set of clothes, and blankets in the car in case we got stuck somewhere.  I was surprised to see many Facebook posts about people offering 2 to 3 times the cost for a shovel so they could dig themselves out to get to work.  Buy one in the off season and hang onto it.  The one to two times you actually use it to dig yourself out will pay for itself.
8.  Help your neighbors.  As Christi and I drove around to check on people it was nice to see that most were helping their neighbors or being checked on by their neighbors.  Of course we also saw posts on Facebook where neighbors were not so nice to each other as they bickered over parking spaces and who would get shoveled out first.  If you have the capability to do so safely, make grocery runs for neighbors, or trade off clearing mailbox areas or other common areas…just help one another out.
9.  Keep a ToDo list of all the things you never had time to do.  If you are a social mediaite junky like me, then the loss of electrical power is like the loss of every limb on your body and every one of your senses combined.  That ToDo list will come in handy as there is likely not much else you can do.
10.  Skip the visit to the gym.  I saw multiple people heading to the gym and thought they could get a much better workout just helping to shovel someone’s walk or driveway.  I maxed out on cardio and muscle toning and building in every muscle group in my body just shoveling fresh snow off of my driveway, walkway, and mailbox area every day.  I literally lost 4 lbs, and my pants fit better.

3 Responses to “I Got the Power”

  1. Hi, regarding the prayer, which you mentioned, as a general comment
    A person can decide for every act and every thought, feeling, moment, and attitude to be a heartfelt connection to God (Prayer)

  2. Your wife Says:

    You’re funny, Babe! Good read 😉

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