The Church is NOT a Noun

I feel compelled to dispel a long standing myth regarding what The Church actually is to many.   Most think “The Church” is the building where Sunday morning gatherings take place or the people that attend those gatherings.  In my humble opinion, that view is a false and limited understanding of what The Church is all about.

The Church is not a noun.  A noun, as we know from school or at least School House Rock (if you are too young to know what that is you can Google it; if you don’t know what Google is…well, I can’t help you), is a person, a place, or a thing.  The Church is not a person and does not refer to those that gather on Sunday morning or those that may lead such a gathering.  The Church is not a place and does not refer to any buildings where people tend to gather for any reason.  Despite what we think (and I know I will get hate mail/email for this), pews and stained glassed windows do not turn a building into The Church.  On the same note cool tables and chairs, projectors and lights don’t either.  The Church is not a thing; it’s not something you can touch or hold.  So if The Church is not a noun, not a person, place, or thing, then what is it really?

The Church is made up of all the people who feel the overwhelming tug of God on their heart and respond to God’s call to enter into fellowship with Him.  The Church is anywhere two or more of those in fellowship with God gather in order to engage in fellowship with Him; when this happens God joins the fellowship.  The Church is the presence of God reaching out to the hurting, lost, rejected, and needy.  The Church is not a thing, but it is the very essence of God residing in every single person across the globe who responds to God’s call to receive the unconditional love of God and accept that love as offered through God’s Son Jesus Christ.

The Church is totally unexplainable and results in people reaching out to each other in radical and extreme acts of love, kindness, and acceptance.   It transcends getting together on Sunday mornings for three hymns and a message and results in a movement of people compelled to live a life of extreme generosity towards God and each other.  The Church is not a noun nor is it an event.  The Church, from God’s perspective, is the supernatural presence of God in and among people, who are meant to be a living testimony of the most radical unconditional type of love possible.  The question now is, what is the church from your perspective?

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