Where is God When…?

We just finished a series looking at and answering the question “Where is God When…?” If you’re a pastor or in a leadership position in the church where you are required to teach people then you know every time you step up to the plate it is after God has dealt with you in that area of your teaching. We originally were going to postpone the series but my son, who leads worship in at our Sunday Celebration and contributes to our creative process, thought this series was what we really needed; and since the series walked us through the book of Daniel he thought it would be a growth area for a lot of people. The problem was I really didn’t want to grow in this area…because I had my own questions about where God was in certain areas of my life. But I did my digging, let God walk me through some stuff and we did the series.

We started with the question of Where is God When Your Dreams are being Shattered? And we looked at how Daniel and his friends were physically and mentally stripped of everything: their manhood through castration, their names, and their heritage.  Their hopes and dreams were shattered and they were left with nothing but their faith. But we were able to see that for those who follow after and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are connected to a God who still makes dreams come true.

We next asked the question Where is God When Your Government is on a Rampage? We looked how God disciplined two kings. One who acknowledged the sovereignty of God and was returned to power and the other who was removed along with His entire administration paving the way for the another secular ruler who, hundreds of years before, God said would better serve Him. We also looked at world history and some countries and their governments and leaders and saw the commonality in those that governed God’s way and those that didn’t.  We walked away trusting more in a God who knows everything than in a political candidate or party who doesn’t.

When we asked Where is God When Your Future Seems Uncertain we saw how God revealed the future to Daniel and how God also revealed His future plans for the people of Israel, humanity as a whole, and those Whom God calls His children.

This week we finish up with the question Where is God When You Need Him Most. The answer…the same place He was when His Son was nailed to a cross for a world that rejected and hated them both; the same place He is while those to whom He gave His Holy Spirit fight and bicker about things like whether or not we have it; the same place He is while parts of The Church serve Him while other parts do everything except Be the Church…He’s loving us, supporting us, encouraging us, and waiting for us, as The Church, to tell others about His grace, His mercy, and His love.  We can all ask the question Where is God When…?  But can we truthfully accept the answer?


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