This Christmas Eve…

I had a discussion this morning with some local area pastors and we were discussing the different things that churches do to during their Christmas Eve Celebration.  I’ve included a brief listing here, but please share any creative God honoring ideas used by your church family:

Communion – Many churches celebrate the birth of Christ by partaking in Communion.  Some churches specifically leave communion out so as not to alienate the non-Christian who will make this the only celebration they attend all year.

Candle Lighting – Most churches start or end their Christmas Eve Celebration with a time where all the lights are turned out and every person lights and holds a candle; usually while singing Silent Night.  At our church I also always point out where the fire extinguishers are located.

Baptisms – It may seem out of place but there are some churches that celebrate the birth of Christ by celebrating the new Christian life of its members (hopefully in an indoor baptismal…brrrr)

Musical – Many churches put on a full scale Christmas musical; through music, songs, and usually a nativity or modern setting many churches present the story of the birth of Christ or how the birth impacts the life of people

Gift Giving – Some churches use the Christmas Eve Celebration to give gifts, food, or other items to those in need in the community.  They open their doors so people can  truly experience what it means to receive a gift in the name of Jesus Christ.


2 Responses to “This Christmas Eve…”

  1. Entertaining and informative post! I was looking around on the internet for a post about this and this is the very first great one I have read.

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