God: The Ultimate (and original) Social Networking Guru!

This statement may surprise you, but God came up with the idea of a Social Media Network. It wasn’t Al Gore, or any of the high tech entrepreneurs that came after him or the overly eager and energetic crew at Google…it was God.  Let me explain…

YouTube – was the first true venture into the world of social media.  It was created in 2005 with the catch phrase “Broadcast Yourself”.  It was a way for people to express themselves and become visible and in some ways accepted by others.  God did this in creating the nation of Israel and the Church; a visible way for others to see Him and know Him.

MySpace became the most popular networking site in the US in June of 2006.  It was the first big social networking site where you could “see what’s happening” with friends.  Its music application is now the most popular among new and experienced artists.  Facebook is a global social networking site with over 350 million users worldwide.  It was initially limited to Harvard students, expanded to other colleges and universities, then high school students, and now anyone over the age of 13.  It’s draw is the ability to see what friends are doing, allow them to see what you are doing, and even play games with them via the site.  God provided His holy Spirit so His followers could always be connected to each other and to Him.  Through God’s spirit billions of people across the planet are connected in the largest network known to man, the church.

Twitter is another social networking and micro-blogging site.  It allows 140 character tidbits of information from what someone is doing to full blown conversations.  God provided the Bible to be a constant update status on how He feels about you.  He also filled it with proverbs, psalms and other verbiage which is extremely tweetable.

When it comes to getting connected and being social, there is no one better at it than God.

One Response to “God: The Ultimate (and original) Social Networking Guru!”

  1. You’re funny. Accurate, but funny.

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