Forgive and Let Die

As we finished our 3 week teaching series on Forgiveness it became more and more clear that even in the church everyone has a different perspective on what it means to experience forgiveness.  We started the series by outlining some concrete steps in order to extend forgiveness to others (abbreviated list presented here):

  1. Forgiveness is between you and God, therefore ask God to allow you to extend forgiveness person by person, sin by sin
  2. Tear up any I.O.U’s you are holding, person by person, sin by sin
  3. Renounce the negative memories person by person, sin by sin
  4. Renounce the negative feelings you may be holding, person by person, sin by sin
  5. Ask God to give you compassion for the person
  6. Seek to do good or to bless the person

Although this may seem like a contrite list of steps to follow, it’s not.  It is a reflection of what God did for each and every person on the planet when He extended forgiveness to us.  It is the spiritual representation of the very physical act God did in forgiving us.  He made it personnel between each one of us and Him; He tore up any I.O.U’s and wiped out any debt for anything we might owe for our sin; He renounced any memories of our sins, as far as the East is from the West; He holds no negative feelings towards us; He shows us extreme unprecedented compassion; and God desires to bless us.  Since God extends forgiveness to us He expects us to do the same to others.  Although this one of the most difficult things to do…imagine you world today, your home, your family, your workplace, if we all forgave each other and accepted the forgiveness God gives to us.

2 Responses to “Forgive and Let Die”

  1. Beautiful! I also recommend this book ( called The Forgiveness Formula. I’m reading it now after being deeply hurt by someone very close to me, and combined with deep and sincere prayer, I am finding it to be very, very helpful.

    Forgiveness can be so hard! But it CAN be achieved. Even if it takes a long time, it can. And it really makes your heart feel so much lighter and softer and more peaceful.

    Thanks for writing about this!

    with love from Pittsburgh,

  2. Now, if only everyone would actually do all the steps before saying they can’t forgive someone.

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