It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like CHRIST-mas

The Christmas season has started in full swing (although many will not officially acknowledge it until Black Friday…which starts at 11:59 PM on Thanksgiving for most).  Decorations are all ready going up and Christmas cards are already disappearing off the store shelves.  Along with all of the good of the Christmas season comes a little of the not so good: The arguments and disagreements over holiday tree vs Christmas Tree and the fact that many cannot afford a tree nor decorations let alone a gift.

Both of these negative situations can be solved although in drastically different ways.  One takes an attitude change, while the other requires a change of heart.  The attitude change will have to come from Christians being ok with other people calling this a holiday season or calling a tree a holiday tree.  Now, hear me out before you start writing me the nasty gram asking why I don’t support the season or the tree being called Christmas.  I am a strong supporter of both…but I realize this is only significant for those who follow Christ.  If I did not follow Christ I would not care what it was called.  Why would we, or should we expect those who do not follow Christ to acknowledge His sovereignty over this holiday when they don’t acknowledge His sovereignty over anything else.  If I really thought my arguing or debating with non-Christians about it would change their mind I would be right there in the thick of the fight, debating with the best of em.  However, I think the best I can do to honor Christ is to impress upon those who follow Christ to honor Him and to show the love of Christ to those who don’t.  On the occasions that I have been allowed to share what the holiday means to me, I don’t hesitate to exalt Christ, what His birth means to and has done for me, and why I cherish this time of the year…but don’t look for a picket sign in my hand or for me to rail against those who call it a holiday season or a holiday tree.  If they don’t follow or know Jesus Christ, to them, it is just that…a holiday.  They are not celebrating His birth, they are just celebrating.  Rather than criticize them for what they are not calling it, we should rejoice for what we can call it.

The other situation requires a change of heart and I am so excited at the hearts that are being changed.  Although CrossRoads Community Church is one of the smallest churches in North America, we have consistently tried to meet the needs of the people in our community and in our city.  However, recently as we have tried, we are finding that other people in the community are beating us to it.   Local organizations like Crazy Christmas are stepping in and stepping up and meeting the needs of children and families in the community.  People at work are banding together and providing Thanksgiving meals and Christmas packages for neighbors and former co-workers who are unemployed.  Even though some of these groups are non-Christians, nothing else could be more God honoring than to give what you have to meet the needs of others.  Suffice it to say, even though the turkeys are not yet cooked and the trees are not all decorated…more and more it’s beginning to look a lot like Christ-mas.


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