Veterans…It’s About More Than Just One Day

This Veteran’s day will be remembered by with likely more fanfare than usual.  The mass killings at Fort Hood Texas, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a country still trying to heal after the events of 9/11 have all made us more aware of the toll these events take on our men and women in the military.

Veteran's DayVeterans Day was started as an act of congress on June 4th 1926.  A law was passed making it a legal holiday on May 13th, 1938. Originally referred to as the Day of Armistice or Armistice Day it was meant to commemorate the signing of the Armistice of World War I, which took place on November 11th, 1918.  In 1953 a push was made to use the holiday to honor all veterans, not just those of World War I and in 1954 the name was officially changed to Veterans Day to do just that.

But knowing the sacrifice and the cost to our veterans and current active duty military why end with just a day.  It’s great to have a day to celebrate our veteran’s but every single day we should recognize the cost.  I heard one speaker say that every single time he sees a man or woman in uniform about to buy anything at a grocery store, bar, fast food place, airport, or news stand he gladly takes out his wallet and offers to pay.  Although I spent almost 12 years in the Army, the thought never occurred to me to do that even though many people have done it for me.  Now, I make it a point to look for ways, no matter how small to thank our men and women in the military.

Perhaps you are not financially able pay for the meal of an enlisted person.  Can you perhaps help their family?  Many of the men and women sent overseas or around the country leave behind a family for months or years.  Those family members could use help with babysitting, get plugged into new communities, or often times just someone to talk to now and then.  Don’t wait for one day of the year to show our respect to those who give their all every day of the year to our freedom.

One Response to “Veterans…It’s About More Than Just One Day”

  1. vangyblue Says:

    I totally agree with that. I am a veteran also. I know that the enlisted do not get paid well. If they were in uniform, I would offer to pay for their things also, its a small thing we can do to thank the ones still serving. If I see an older person with a WW2 or Korea veteran hat on I’d do the same. Today its hard to know who is military or veteran apart from those clothing articles, because many wear patriotic shirts or got stuff from a surplus store, but I’d certianly want to bless them with something, and ensure a gospel tract also gets put in their hands.

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