Not the Size of the House or the Cost of the Car but…

10November2009blogI can remember back in the day (that would be the early 90’s and early 2000’s for you youngsters) when a bigger house or more expensive car was a status symbol.  Men and women would often talk about the number of bedrooms in their latest home upgrade or the price of their latest vehicle upgrade or acquisition.  Oh but the times, they are a changing.  Today, it’s all about the phone, PDA, or Smartphone.  It’s not about how expensive it is, but what you can do with it.  If it won’t connect to the internet, today’s youth would not even call it a phone.  If it can’t support texting while updating a Facebook status at the same time then it’s really just a toy.

Actual cell phones, you know, the ones that were just for talking, are now things of the past.  Today’s communication devices have to be able to communicate all of the ways in which we do as a society: texting, social media, visual and verbal voicemail, and the list goes on.  Most people are upgrading their phones/PDA/Smartphone, or whatever you want to call them, at an alarming rate.  Most cellular carriers support the upgrades with cash back or other incentives for upgrades made every two years or so.  All of the carrier deals may vary (check with each carrier for specific details) but the gist is…as technology changes, these companies want you to have access to stay in step, and spend in step, with those changes.

The interesting question is…what do you do with the old phone/PDA/Smartphone?  Most local charities can direct you to14 September 20082wards a program that will accept your old phone and recycle it for various purposes.  Some will provide the phones to women’s shelters, others to support neighborhood watch groups, and many will provide the phones to troops overseas.  If you have recently upgraded as I just recently did, please ensure you donate your old phones to one of these organizations.  I’ll be donating mine as soon as I finish getting all my old calendar data and notes transferred over.


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