Why I Pray Our Church Never Does A Progressive Dinner

I seriously pray that our church never does a progressive dinner.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with progressive dinners, but…well, let me explain.  Last night our church had our 1st Annual International Prayer Feast.  Members of the congregation cooked meals representing their heritage and we shared a meal together and then prayed for the countries represented.    This is something we hope to do every year during the Pittsburgh Steelers Bye Week.  We had numerous countries represented and hearing people describe their link to the country and their family background seemed to tie us all even closer to together.  As we prayed for each of the countries I could not help but think of how every tongue and tribe and nation will soon acknowledge the sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ just as we did at that dinner.2November2009Blog

In the course of conversation someone mentioned progressive dinners.  In case you don’t know what that is, it is where a group of people will go to a different home for each course of a meal.  The homes are those of people who desire to open up their house to the group.  The appetizer would be shared in one household then the entire group moves to another home for the next course.  After soup, salad, main course, dessert and coffee the group will have visited several homes.  A progressive dinner is a great way to get people to hang out, meet new people in a community, and interact with each other.

Here is why I pray our church never does one.  Although we are probably one of the smallest churches in North America, we are blessed to have people as a part of our church family from no less than 14 different communities and boroughs in and around the city of Pittsburgh.  There are people who come from the North, South, and West sides of the city of Pittsburgh to our location 13 miles south of the city (for some reason we just don’t appeal to those on the East side…but we’re working on it).  As a result, we have a young adult small group with a roving location; the location changes each week to accommodate the people living in various parts of the city.

A progressive dinner for us would mean having a portion of the meal in all of these locations including neighborhoods 8 miles south of us to accommodate the people coming from those areas as well.  We would literally have to drive a full distance of 28 plus miles (8 miles south of us to the neighborhoods north of the city of Pittsburgh) to ensure we stopped in all the areas represented by our congregation.  Granted, we would as hungry as hostages by the time we hit each house, but this would not be a very beneficial event for our situation; and I pray it stays that way.  I pray that we continue to attract people from every corner of the city and beyond.  I pray that we continue to reach out to all of the different heritages represented at our International Prayer Feast.  I pray that we never have to have a progressive dinner that just includes the people next door.  I pray we continue to be a church that takes the gospel to every neighborhood and corner of this city.

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