330,000 Plus and Growing!

28OctoberBlog2009With over 330,000+ different denominations many people wonder how Christians can claim to be the only way to God.  Well, for a concise answer to that question just run your mouse over the VIDPOD on the right “HeBrews Verse 2”.

The question I would rather address is should Christians be so vicious in the attacks on other faiths and beliefs?  Throughout His ministry Jesus talked to people of various faiths and beliefs.  However, at no point do we see Him demeaning someone for their differing faith even though He was and is the one true God.  If you study it out you find that the only religious people that Jesus Christ criticized were the ones who pretended to follow God but really just exalted themselves. Ouch! Any Christians out there who say they follow God but just really live their lives the way they want instead of how God wants?

Although Christians are called to live their lives for God and to testify and be a witness for God, nowhere does God demand that Christians belittle or demean the beliefs of others.  Imagine someone who desires to know God, I mean really know Him and to experience Him fully in their lives.  Imagine that person brought up in or introduced to a religion that says here is how you do that.  Now imagine that person giving their all to the way they were told is how to connect with God…until they meet a Christian; who takes it upon themselves to tell that person that they are in a cult, or going to Hell for their beliefs, or living a lie.  Wow, how would you respond to someone’s invitation to listen to their point of view if they just crushed or trashed yours?  Somehow, I don’t see that as God’s intent.  Instead I see, and read about, a God who desires that we SHOW our love for Him to others and be a witness with our actions and our lives, not just our words.  The truth is that some of these false religions and cults are more welcoming and more accepting of people than The Church.  Yet The Church is supposed to be the actually body of Christ filled with the very Spirit of God.  No wonder people are flocking to other religions…they expect that God is accepting and loving and if they are not receiving that love and acceptance from Christians they will look for it elsewhere.

Space doesn’t allow me to list all of the different options to use or call upon when faced with a situation like this.  Many of us know people who do follow cults or are following false religions and we desperately want to share the truth with them.  However, I would ask each and every one of us to pray when confronted with these situations, and to continue to pray long after we believe the situation has passed.   A few weeks ago I spoke to a family member who has decided it is time for him to pursue a relationship with God.  However, because there are so many false religions out there he is taking the time to investigate three of which Christianity is one.  He told me that members of one religion have been very accepting and loving towards him and have been extremely crucial in helping him through a really rough time in his life.  The truth is this religion does not worship God, but a God they created to match what they wanted to worship.  My response to my family member: as long as you are seeking truth, and desiring to know God keep searching until you truly experience Him.  Since that conversation I have been and will continue to be in daily prayer for this family member.

I encourage every follower of Jesus Christ to always be prepared to give an answer of the hope they have in Jesus Christ but with gentleness and respect just as God asks us to do (See 1 Peter 3: 15 – 17); not anger, wrath, and vicious attacks.


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