The 10 DEMAND-ments Part II

In order to spare you a three page blog (I’m guessing blogs are supposed to be short) I’ll only list the last 4 DEMAND-ments here.  For a complete breakdown on all 10 check the podcast on the right.

18October20092BlogDEMAND #7  – My Own Lusts

Today more than ever there is a demand to satisfy our own lustful desires.  Understandable, when most people think of lusts they immediately think of sensual or sexual desires.  However, today, we see that lusts for power and wealth are just as strong as lusts of a sexual nature.  In either case, the compulsion to fulfill that burning, deep rooted desire will often overtake us and bring us to a place where we put fulfilling our lusts ahead of experiencing God.

DEMAND #8 – More Time

Until Apple creates the app that will allow us to step back into time and take back harsh words, right some wrongs, or make better use of wasted time (and I am sure that if anyone could do this it would be Apple, or an Apple-Google conglomerate), we are all confronted with the demand to make the best use of the time we have.  However, many of us do not use that time we have to focus on God.  Instead we use leftover time to spend with God; that’s time leftover, after the work is done, the family is happy, the house is cleaned, the car is washed, and the dog, cat, fish, and muskrat are all fed.  Imagine how effective our lives would be if we spent time with God FIRST in order to do all these other things more effectively.

DEMAND # 9 – Maintain My Pride

DEMAND #10 – Keep Up with the Joneses

I’ve listed the last 2 demands together since they are so closely related.  They operate hand in hand in an endless cycle of pride driving us to keep up with the Joneses while the desire to keep up with the Joneses stimulates our pride.  In the 1st century a man named John, a friend and disciple of Jesus Christ spoke directly about our lusts and our pride in the book of 1st John chapter 2 verses 15 – 17.  He stated that these desires are not driven by God but by our desire to stay in line with the culture and climate of a world that is totally opposed to the things of Christ.  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then the greatest demand we should respond to is the one God gives us to receive the unprecedented love of Jesus Christ.


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