The 10 DEMAND-ments

Over the last few weeks we’ve been having discussions at CrossRoads about the 10 most pressing demands on our life. These are the things that really prohibit us from living life to the full because we spend so much time trying to live life in light of these demands.
Anyone interested in the full on version can hear the messages by clicking on the Big Phat Audio Feed on the right. For those of you who are hampered by the demands of the day (no pun intended…well, a little bit was intended) here is the summarized version:


DEMANDMENT #1 – The Necessities of Life
No one can deny that we are overwhelmed by the desire to pursue the necessities of life: Food, clothing, shelter. However, most of us have taken that pursuit to new levels. We are no longer overwhelmed by the pursuit of the necessities of life but rather by the quality of the necessities of life. We don’t just want food but we want it more expensive, prepared by a reality TV chef and served on a platter. We don’t just want clothing but if it isn’t designer and worn by one of the Kardashians then why bother. We don’t just want shelter but the kind God intended, with a pool. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who have no clothes , food, or shelter, and I am not trying to belittle those people who work hard for the necessities of life. However, when pursuit of the items takes precedence over the pursuit of God, then we have a problem. When Jesus spoke about the pursuit of these things He said to take no thought to how we obtain them because God is aware of all of our needs Matthew 6: 19 – 34
When we give in to the demand to pursue these things more and more, we are denying God’s ability to provide for us.

DEMANDMENT #2 – Our American Idols
American Idols seem to be as common as apple pie these days…or maybe the commonality is in the attempt to be one of the TV versions. But we each have things that we exalt to positions of supremacy in our lives: our children, our relationships, job, home, car, sports teams, TV shows, newest technological gadget or social media venue(all blogs aside of course). Because of their supremacy we often tend to also make these things idols. Try to imagine this from God’s perspective: these idols have such a high demand for our attention and our time that they prevent us from fellowshipping with God and from being the people that He created us to be. From His perspective we have exalted things that He created, or things we created from things He created, to higher positions in our lives than the Creator Himself. A man named Paul wrote to a church in Rome and stated that this idea or concept is foolishness. (See Romans 1:21 – 23)

In each case, the demands to pursue the necessity of life and to pursue the idols we have created prohibits us from experiencing a fuller relationship with God and from the fullness of life He wants us to enjoy.

More on the remaining DEMANDments in the next update…

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