I don’t know about you but my past few years of experiencing church have all involved what I like to call We-isms:

“We’ve always done it this way!”
“WE should invite THEM to join us”
“How will WE ever get this done?”

There are likely many more that you can think of but these ones seem to always pop up. Since being at CrossRoads Community Church we have implemented a concept that has helped us keep the We-isms at bay. It’s called a Team-ism. It’s great because the Team-Ism concept trumps the We-isms in every instance. There is nothing quite as powerful as a spirit filled, fully functioning, fully empowered team; that is in essence what the church is isn’t it?

TugOfWar3While We-isms promote division, Team-isms promote unity; while We-isms stifle progress, Team-isms ignite progress; while We-isms limit creativity, Team-isms cause creativity to explode to unbelievable levels.   So the next time you are confronted with one of the above mentioned We-isms respond with appropriate Team-ism:

We-ism: “We’ve always done it this way!”

Team-ism: “Maybe we have but why not let the team pray through and explore how God wants them to complete this task/project?  If God reveals the same path/plan to the entire team then that is the way we should go.”

We-ism: “WE should invite THEM to join us”

Team-ism: “Maybe instead of just inviting them to join us, we should include them as a part of the team.  The entire team can benefit by adding their gifts to the ones already represented.”

We-ism: “How will WE ever get this done?”

Team-ism: “It may seem impossible now, but perhaps if we let the team brainstorm some creative ways to get started God may surprise us by what He does through them.”

I know it may seem like a simple concept; that’s because it is…

We-ism = bad

Team-ism = good

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